Steam and Discord scammers

Posted by KindCoder, 5/21/2022, 11:34:33 PM

Story about Steam/Discord scammers


This post is not something bad about Discord or Steam

I recently got contacted on Discord by a scammer telling me that he might have got my Steam user banned


He started telling me how him and his friend «accidentally» report my account for illegal purchase and that he had contacted a steam representative to fix the issue


Attached is the screenshot from steam support ticket:


In the ticket the so called support agent tells him to get me to contact him directly on the chatting app Discord.


After he responded, he proceeded to ask for my Steam profile link/Steam ID. Since it is not sensitive data I sent him my Steam Community link


He started responding fast, and I saw that he really wanted to hack the account (for some reason). And the reply I got was a little bit weird


He writes that according to the «Steam Database» there are many reports towards my account about illegal activity and scams. He also informs me that my Steam account will be permanently suspended. But that I don’t have to worry, if I’m not involved with the «issue»

Furthermore he wants me to send screenshots of my purchasing history, and since my banking info (or any other sensitive data) is not shown on the page I sent him the screenshots


After sending him the screenshots, he wants me to proceed and log out of all my devices. So that the system can start the «scanning» of my account.

Skjermbilde-2022-05-21-kl-23-50-48 Skjermbilde-2022-05-21-kl-23-51-18

Then I get an SMS on my phone with the following text: (Code is blurred)


This is when I get suspicious because this code will change my credentials. So I sent him a message, curious if he worked for Steam/Valve


He does not answer my question but proceeded to send a message where he writes that the process is being recorded for «security»


And he attached the following «Certificate»


Then he comes up with some lame excuse that he can’t answer on Steam’s own platform for «security reasons»


On Steams on pages they write that they will never communicate with users via chat apps like Discord. And when I sent a screenshot of the page to him, he just answered with this:


He continues to try to talk his way around the «proof» I just sent him

Skjermbilde-2022-05-21-kl-23-54-27 Skjermbilde-2022-05-21-kl-23-55-08

And when I tell him that a Database can’t «Send me a verification code», he just pretends like nothing. And threatens that my account will be banned.


And after a few hours, I sent him another message. And my Steam account was not banned :)


After that I never got a reply. So I guess he gave up?

So if you ever get contacted by the following users. Watch out

Galactic#5050 (Discord ID: 614056359499005953)

Clive(Official)#4223 (Discord ID: 976713305043394581)

Thank you for reading this. I was really tired when I wrote this, so please don’t hunt me down if I have any typos


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Steam and Discord scammers

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